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The Webster's dictionary defines bamboozlement as “to deceive by underhand method – hoodwink, duped”, and that's exactly what the Board of Education and administration are doing with the 07-08 budget and bond vote. This year in addition to the budget they are also asking you to approve a bond issue for school repairs.

What is the total cost to you on these two items? As of this writing no one is saying. Could the reason for not saying what the real cost is, is because it's well into the double digits? According to the March 2, 2007 Cornwall Local “our budget has increased 129% over the last 10 years”. That is a staggering 12.9% average annual increases.

The cheerleading committee tells us that the Bond vote is necessary on top of an already 7% increase in the budget because the schools are in dire need of repairs. Well where did the money go that was budgeted for repairs last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and all of the previous years.

The article goes on to say “The district says most of the increases are beyond their control, pointing to the more than 5 percent annual increases in salaries under the just negotiated five year contract.” Let's see if we get this: The school board, agrees to give away the store to the teachers union by giving them very generous salary increases – salaries that they will not disclose incidentally, then come to us and say, “because we gave away the store, you must now approve a double digit bond and budget vote, because the spending is after all beyond our control”. These 5% yearly salary increases are above and beyond the longevity pay increases whihc teachers get for every 3 or 5 years of service.

“BAMBOOZLEMENT – to deceive by underhanded method – duped, hoodwink”.

On May 17, 2011, there is going to be a budget vote. This will directly impact on your wallet.